1/64 Scale Figures killer Leon and Matilda Street Light Scene Model Cast Alloy Car Static State Miniature Dioramas

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1/64 Scale Figures killer Leon and Matilda Street Light Scene Model Cast Alloy Car Static State Miniature Dioramas
  • If you buy the style with street light, the street light includes battery box, connecting wire. Because air transportation cannot carry products with batteries, the street lights do not include batteries, you need to prepare a 3V 2032 button battery yourself.
  • The car model in the photo is for display only, not included! Our products only include character models.

  • The model is fragile, please do not drop or mess it up from a height. Please place it gently and protect it.

Product features
We've added a style where Matilda raises her gun. The color of Leon's suitcase has been innovated, and the color of the suitcase has been changed to retro brown, which is more in harmony with Leon's black coat. Matilda's trousers were replaced with red and white stripes to give the character a more dynamic look! Not only does it truly restore the movie scene, but it also has a little bit of our own creativity. Use your imagination to match Leon and Matilda in different scenes.

About the material

Made of high precision high quality resin, suitable for 1:64 scale models. The coloring pigments are high-quality pigments with bright color and not easy to decolorize.

About the craft

The details of the exquisite version are all hand-painted by senior technicians. Unlike factory-made dioramas, it's worth playing and collecting. Model characters are real. Adding character models makes the scene more realistic. Perfectly restore the movie scene for the layout of the scene model and add brilliance to the model scene.

Character background

In the ghetto of New York lives an Italian named Leon, a professional killer. One day, Matilda, a little neighbor girl, knocked on his door and asked him to temporarily avoid the murder. It turned out that the owner of the neighbor's house was the police's eye spy. He was punished by the evil policeman Steinfeld for destroying the whole family for embezzling a small package of drugs. Matilda was rescued by Leon and began to help Leon manage the housework and teach him to read, while Leon taught the girl to use a gun, and the two got along well. And there was a wonderful chemistry between them: love.

Each of our models put a lot of emotion and creative passion into truly restoring every character and scene. The details are also vivid!The miniature scene character is not only a model, but also carries the history, emotions, feelings and beliefs of the past!It also represents an active and fun lifestyle. A person who loves character collection must be a person who loves life and is full of emotional power!

We take every customer seriously and pack every product seriously! Each minifigure is packaged in an individual tin gift box, which can be used to store and protect your figures when you don't need to take them out for display.

We are also very happy when every customer recognizes our model products, gives us positive feedback, and shows us his collection of scene models, which will motivate us to create more excellent models.

We have a professional model design and production team, and provide customized services. If you need different scales, different sizes, different types of film and animation models, or if you need custom model shading, we will give you the greatest support. Please contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

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