JUZHEN EDC Sound Domain Fidget Slider Stainless steel Haptic Slider Fidget Toys ADHD Tool Anxiety Stress Relief Toys for Adult

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JUZHEN EDC Sound Domain Fidget Slider Stainless steel Haptic Slider Fidget Toys ADHD Tool Anxiety Stress Relief Toys for Adult


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Product information

  • Material: Stainless steel + aluminum alloy

  • Packaging: Gift box

  • Weight: About 78g

  • Product size: 54 mm (2.13 in) *30 mm (1.18 in) *15 mm (0.59 in)

  • Product list: 1 fidget slider

The product design

  • The main part of fidget slider is made of stainless steel and the cover part is made of aluminum alloy. Every detail is CNC precision machined, the surface is very smooth, feel more comfortable.

  • The internal tuning fork device produces a characteristic metal trill when pushed.

  • New internal structure, closed glue-free design, more beautiful.

  • Nylon friction inner plate is introduced to make full use of the self-lubricating property of nylon material. The more you play, the smoother you get.

Product play

The bottom metal body and the top metal body can be pushed to different positions, there is no limit to the direction of the push. When you push the magnetic slider, the internal magnets attract each other, thus getting force feedback from the magnetic force. This process produces a very brittle metallic tapping sound.

Relieve stress

Great toy for irritability, anxiety, concentration, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, with fidget toys you will be able to curb unwanted habits like nail biting and smoking. Your boring time will pass quickly and when you are alone, you will have a good time. Many people have successfully curbed bad habits with this fun and cool fidget toy.

Applicable places

These relaxing mini fidget toys are pocket-sized, portable in size and small enough to play with one hand. This way you can easily keep these fiddly toys in your pocket. These fidget toys are perfect for travel, work, home or pencil cases. You can play anywhere in the office, home, church, subway, station, etc.

Collections and Gifts

Fidget toys are exciting gifts that people of all ages love, regardless of age or gender. You can give it to your father, husband, brother, boyfriend, best friend. This is an easy and great gift idea for any occasion like Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years or any other party/event. If you're a lover of EDC toys, this exquisite slider is for you, and it's a perfect collection.

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