Star Traveler Luminous Fidget Clicker Spinner EDC Hand Spinner Adult Fidget Toys ADHD Tool Anxiety Stress Relief Toys Office Toy

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Star Traveler Luminous Fidget Clicker Spinner EDC Hand Spinner Adult Fidget Toys ADHD Tool Anxiety Stress Relief Toys Office Toy


1. Pictures are displayed differently on different monitors. The pictures are for reference only, the actual product shall prevail.

2. The size of the product is measured by hand, there is a certain error, please understand.

3. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us and we will answer it for you.

4. If you have purchased the product, we will ship it for you as soon as possible.

5.The UV lamp provided with this product does not contain batteries, you need to prepare button batteries yourself.

6.Hand twist gyro function needs to buy a full set of parts to be able to achieve, otherwise only fidget spinner and fidget clicker function.

Product information

  • Material: Alloy

  • Product packaging: Gift box

  • Product Size: Diameter 49mm(1.93 inches)

  • Product weight :80g

  • Product list: Choose according to demand.

Product design

  • Mechanical wheel design, cyberpunk technology style. Luminous function, more unique and cool, let your fidget toy more personality.

  • The two-in-one design is both a fidget spinner and a fidget clicker. Let you enjoy more fun. If you buy a full set of accessories, with hand twist parts, it can also be used as a hand twist top.

  • The weight of the fidget spinner is moderate, using R188 special fidget spinner quiet bearing, so that it has enough rotating force when rotating, but not too heavy, so as to ensure the comfort and stability of use. Every detail is precision machined to make it smooth and comfortable.

Relieve stress

Great toy for irritability, anxiety, concentration, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, with fidget toy you will be able to curb unwanted habits like nail biting and smoking. Your boring time will pass quickly and you will be happy when you are alone. Many people have successfully broken bad habits with this fun and cool fidget toy.

Fidget toys for any occasion

These relaxed fidget toys are pocket-sized and lightweight. Ergonomically designed, it can be played with one hand. This way you can easily keep these delicate toys in your pocket. You can also play anywhere in the office, home, church, subway, station, etc.

Product Concept

Whether you are a student or an office worker, you may be under study or work stress, which over time can lead to negative emotions such as depression, hyperactivity, mania, and depression. Our product philosophy is to reduce stress, suitable for all kinds of people who are in a bad mood. Each piece is handmade by artisans, feels good, and is suitable for collection!

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