Sun Goku Ruyi Golden Hoop Rod Rotary Pen EDC Multifunctional Metal Fidget Pen ADHD Hand Spinner Adult Stress Anxiety Relief

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Product information
  • Product Name: Sun Goku Ruyi Golden Hoop Rod Rotary Pen

  • Product Type: Fidget Toys

  • Material: Brass

  • Packaging: gift box

  • Product size: length 16.6cm (6.54inch) diameter 10mm (0.39inch)

  • Product List: 1 fidget pen

Style description

  • Classic style: The pen body is a whole, with two functions, a universal neutral refill, and a weight of 72g.

  • Multifunctional: The pen body consists of 4 sections, which can be lengthened or shortened, with five functions, short neutral refill, and weighs 66g

Product Features

  • Rotating pen function: full metal texture, more weight in the hand, and more stable center of gravity when rotated.

  • Writing function: Like a conventional gel pen, it can be carried with you to complete daily writing and signing.

  • Utility knife: sharp blade, can cut paper, cut rope, unpack, wood carving. The blade can be removed and replaced.

  • Stylus: The disc-type stylus has high sensitivity and can control all mobile phones.

  • Tungsten steel attack head: ultra-high hardness tungsten steel cone, sharp and sharp, can slide glass, metal, stone. Tempered glass can be easily broken. It can be used for self-defense and escape through broken windows.

  • LED light: white light, used for emergency lighting, the brightness is similar to that of mobile phone lighting.

Product design

This fidget pen is made of brass throughout. The two ends of the product are engraved with a classic three-dimensional auspicious cloud pattern. The surface has undergone 4 polishing and deburring, and the surface is very smooth and more comfortable to hold. The built-in magnet, the cap and the pen are attached to each other to avoid the loss of the cap, and it can also stand on the desktop with the base. The prototype of the product is Monkey King's weapon Ruyi Golden Hoop, if you are a fan of Monkey King, this product will be very suitable for you, both practical and cool.

Stress Relief & Finger Workout

If you have negative emotions like irritability, anxiety, inattention, hyperactivity and autism in your life. With this fidget toy, you will be able to suppress these unwanted emotions and have fun even if you are alone. Of course, if you insist on using this fidget pen for a long time, you can exercise the flexibility of your fingers.


Each Fidget toy comes in a beautiful individual box to protect and store your Fidget toy. Not only can be used as a collectible but also as a gift to others, this is a simple and wonderful gift for any occasion like birthday, christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, new year or any other party/event.


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